About The National Humane Society

Our Goal — You Make it Possible!

Make no mistake about it, our aim is nothing less than to be among the finest animal charities in the country. It is your dedication and support that makes this goal possible.

Our Work As A Non-Profit Charity Organization

The National Humane Society (The NHS) is a 501 © (3) Non-Profit Tax Exempt Charity organization dedicated to improving the lives of rescue animals across America. We stand with shelters and humane societies around the country in the mission to find abandoned animals homes and to help rectify the over-population crisis of dogs and cats in the US. Through our efforts each year, and through the generous donations of our supporters, the National Humane Society aids and assists in funding individual shelters to give volunteers and the animals they serve a fighting chance of making a change. We actively support and engage with communities to improve perceptions of adopting animals, and to protect the animals in question. Our belief is that through education and conversation, we can be the change needed for animals around the country.

The NHS's New Campaign to Expand Help to Shelters and Individuals

The National Humane Society also understands the bonds families and individuals create with their pets, and is currently launching a new fundraising campaign designed to expand our capability not only to help shelters, but to keep already existing animal families together. Every year, the National Humane Society receives hundreds of inquiries seeking help from individuals, and our contributions save animals and their owners from needing to surrender much loved members of a family to already over-crowded shelters. We understand the strain that unexpected medical illness or accidental injury can cause pet owners, and, where there is love and affection for an animal, we aim to keep families intact. Your donations will directly benefit people and animals who need the help the most.